Frequently asked questions

How long does this take?

We can work together in therapy for as long – or as briefly – as you want. Some issues, such as career dissatisfaction or academic stress, may be addressed using a solution-focused approach in which we focus on present dilemmas and work for a short period of time towards solutions. Other issues, such as relationships with families and partners or depression and anxiety, may require a longer period of time to acquire a deeper understanding of your past and patterns in order to reach solutions. After our first few sessions, we will have a better sense of how we might work together.

How often do we meet?

In most cases, I recommend that we meet weekly. This way we can build the understanding and trust that make up a good working relationship. Meeting weekly also gives you time to apply what you discover in our sessions.  Often, people opt to come twice a week, and find more frequent meetings to be a much more powerful tool. We can discuss if more intensive work could be beneficial to you.

What will this cost?

I charge $175 for a 50-minute session for an individual and $190 for a 50-minute session for a couple. If I am not able to accommodate you, I may refer you to one of the clinicians working in my practice, who are highly skilled and who offer moderate fees. Adriana Portillo, MFT (415.787.0677) and Angela Vincent Polk, AMFT (510.545.3881) are currently working in my practice.

Often, people find that therapy helps them reduce expensive, unwanted behaviors, make changes that allow them to make more money, tap into support, and see their finances in a way that feels less constrained. This leaves them richer both emotionally and financially.

Can I use my insurance?

I do not participate in any managed care (HMO) insurance panels. I accept all other PPO plans on an out-of-network basis and will be able to provide an itemized receipt if your insurance company offers reimbursement of the cost, or if you are using an HSA or FSA. I can talk you through what that means to you. You also can contact your benefits administrator for a summary of your mental health benefits.

Are you the right therapist for me?

This is a very important question. The goodness of fit between a therapist and client is in fact the best predictor of a successful outcome in therapy. Many people find that they can get a good sense of whether we will be a good fit from reading through my website or from talking with me on the phone. Give me a call at (510)548-7960 or send me an E-mail using my Contacts page and we can talk a bit about your situation and how we would work together.